Namibia offers a broad range of safe, lucrative investment opportunities. The country’s Foreign Investment Act ensures that foreign and domestic companies are treated equally, allowing investors access to all areas of the economy. Generally, foreign investment projects do not require the participation of local partners or the government. However, the expertise and support that local partners provide can often be helpful. Namibia also supports the establishment of new companies with incentive programs, in addition to tax and non-tax benefits. Foreign companies’ profits can be transferred directly to their country of origin; Namibia has a double-taxation agreement with Germany and many other nations.

Legal certainty is a given across the board. Investors can count on the fact that their investments and capital assets are secure. The application and approval process is governed by clarity, as are the country’s judicial and tax systems.

Are you ready to explore these new opportunities? Namibia is waiting for you.


  1. Political and economic stability since 1990
  2. Legal certainty and a liberal legislative process
  3. Strong sustained economic growth of around 4%
  4. Consistently positive credit status
  5. Generous incentives and subsidy schemes
  6. Excellent infrastructure
  7. Strategically advantageous location and easy access to markets in southern Africa
  8. High-capacity deepwater Port of Walvis Bay an efficient hub for trade with the region and overseas
  9. Rich in natural resources
  10. High quality of life